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By 2013, 5 billion people will own a mobile phone – nearly half of these smart phones with mobile internet access. Bulk SMS marketing is a very affordable way to reach these consumers so your small business needs to get started in mobile marketing. Seattle is a mobile intensive market – watch our free videos to learn how to reach out to your target consumer using mobile text message marketing!


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Seattle SMS marketing companies are ready to help you launch your bulk SMS marketing campaign! Most text messages are read within minutes – even those from businesses like yours. Most people have their mobile devices within reach 24/7 and are programmed to respond to the chirp of a text message. This is the beauty of text message marketing. Seattle consumers will hear the chirp and read your message and close to 30% will respond affirmatively. This response rate is staggering when compared to newspaper ads and direct mail which are notoriously sluggish.

What Are Businesses Like Mine Doing with Mobile SMS Marketing?  

Seattle small businesses and organizations are increasingly seeing the benefits of mobile text marketing. Seattle consumers respond well to bulk SMS marketing messages that engage them in an interactive dialogue that will benefit them. Some success stories of SMS text marketing include:

  • A Seattle bar launched an interactive SMS text marketing promotion to create a new signature cocktail – patrons could submit their suggestions via textback response to the mobile text message marketing campaign – the incentive to engage was a year’s supply of the drink if your cocktail was chosen
  • A sandwich shop invited customers to name their new sandwich – a mobile SMS marketing campaign sent out a link to their mobile website where you could see the sandwich and its ingredients then you could text in your sandwich name suggestion – the winner got a sandwich party for 10 friends, a photo on the website and in the establishment and of course, crowing rights on all the social media apps the shop used – this promo garnered over 5,000 participants and was a hugely successful study in mobile text message marketing
  • An upscale kids clothier created a model search promotion using bulk SMS marketing –  they invited customers to submit photos using their mobile phones of their children wearing fashions from the boutique for a chance to be chosen as the face of the clothier for the coming year – this is a great use of mobile text marketing – Seattle parents were so eager to submit photos that they rushed into the shop to load up on fashions to use in photo shoots for their mini-fashionistas


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Every small business who wants to drive profits should try SMS marketing. Seattle is one of the most responsive arenas for mobile marketing. Seattle smart phone owners are constantly on their devices, browsing the web for information. Bulk SMS marketing will enable your business to interact directly with your customers to build a relationship, encourage loyalty and drive your profits!

We know that small business owners are busy and that bulk SMS marketing and other mobile marketing strategies can seem complicated. SMS marketing companies are available to help you. You’ll be surprised at how affordable mobile text message marketing is to launch. With the best ROI in advertising, your small business can benefit from mobile text marketing. Seattle has a number of SMS marketing companies ready to help you – but start first with our free video training on mobile text marketing!

Let us show you how Mobile Text Marketing can drive sales for your small business or organization! Our free video training course will show you secrets for SMS text marketing success… Start today!   

Americans spend on average, 3 hours or more a day accessing the web on their mobile device. This is why if you own a small business and want to launch a campaign of text message marketing, Seattle is a great market. If you want to engage these busy consumers, mobile SMS marketing and bulk SMS are both instant and intimate! Get started today with mobile marketing – Seattle business owners, did you know…

  • Mobile SMS marketing can be used to send out a last minute mobile coupon to turn a slow day around by generating immediate sales
  • Most people keep their smart phones within 3 feet of them all day long – this means they are within a yard of a mobile SMS marketing message from your business
  • SMS marketing companies can help you develop an affordable solution to launch a bulk SMS program
  • Mobile text message marketing has a greater than 90% read-rate – the highest ROI on any advertising spend!


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SMS marketing companies are equipped to teach you all about text message marketing. Seattle small business owners are learning, through our free videos, the power of SMS marketing. Seattle consumers are increasingly accessing the internet on their mobile devices and reading and responding to bulk SMS campaigns.

Our free videos will teach you the ABCs of mobile marketing as well as the uses and benefits of text message marketing – Seattle area specific strategies are featured! As a small business owner, you’ll be amazed at the response rates to mobile text marketing. Seattle consumers read and respond to SMS marketing. Seattle is a smart phone-centric market. SMS marketing companies are ready to help your business launch a program of SMS marketing. Seattle is ripe for your small business to reach out to them through mobile marketing. Seattle consumers prefer mobile marketing.

Seattle business owners listen up – – If you are a small business ready to launch a campaign of text message marketing, Seattle is one of the most responsive markets! Mobile text marketing will have your ad message read with no risk of getting jammed up in an email spam folder or tossed out with junk mail!

“My little lunch shop is quite frankly a dive and I like it that way. We’re a little off the beaten path and rely heavily on word of mouth to drive business. I’ve never even had a website – I don’t even have a telephone in the joint. Increasingly, I’ve been asked for my website address and had some complaints that we were hard to find. I broke down and decided I needed some technology, even though I had little time or money to pursue it. That’s when I saw your videos. I decided to skip the old-school stuff and jump straight into mobile marketing. After using your course, I got a cut-rate mobile programmer and we busted out a mobile website with a handy mapping program. Next I started collecting email addresses from my regulars and recently launched a mobile text marketing promo to encourage referrals using mobile coupons. It’s going gangbusters – thanks for dragging me screaming out of the techno dark ages.”
Milo – Crown Hill
“I’m a homeopath and so not tech-savvy. I wanted to market my services to a wider customer base but wasn’t sure how to get started. Your video training course was so helpful to me. I’m now using mobile coupons as part of an overall program of mobile text marketing. Seattle is very competitive in my niche, so I’m thankful for any advantage I can get. I appreciate the help!”
Maya – Olympic Hills
“My small business is a little unusual. I’m a lingerie consultant – I host bridal showers, bachelorette parties and ladies nights out. It’s a discreet business, so marketing is a challenge. I am so pleased to have found your videos – mobile marketing is perfect for me – it’s an intimate method of advertising for an intimate business. I’ve started sending out offers through SMS marketing. Seattle brides and other ladies have responded en masse. It’s been a huge success! Bulk SMS is my new best friend! Thanks!”
Kate – Fremont

Learn how your small business or organization leverage SMS text marketing to increase your business! Start watching now – free for all Seattle small business owners! Start today.


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