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The world has over 4 billion mobile users – 30% of these are smart phones users who prefer to access the web on their mobile device. These tech-savvy Seattle consumers are gobbling up offers sent by QR codes and mobile coupons. Text message marketing services are in growth mode. Mobile marketing QR codes drive people to your mobile website or to a mobile coupons offer.

Last year, half a billion people accessed the web on their smart phones – this amount is trending to double by 2017. These technophile consumers are eager to:
  • Redeem mobile coupons for retail establishments they frequent
  • Scan QR codes from their favorite haunts
  • Read and respond to relevant text message marketing offers
  • Engage with your business vis a vis these and other text message marketing services


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Seattle business owners – watch and start learning today!

The Mobile Web is growing by triple digits each year – do you have a presence in this space?

Billions of dollars of retail sales occur on mobile devices each year – this makes mobile coupons for retail stores a high-opportunity marketing strategy. Seattle consumers have fast-paced lives and if you want to reach them, you need to reach them on the go. Text message marketing services such as QR codes and retail mobile coupons have high open and read rates.

The results achieved by text message marketing are too impressive to be dismissed! Seattle has proven to be a successful breeding ground for QR code offers, text message marketing offers and mobile coupons for retail establishments.

Our free video training will teach you how to offer mobile coupons for retail consumers, how to launch a QR code initiative and other text messaging campaigns. Here’s some examples of how businesses in Seattle are using mobile marketing QR codes:

  • Clothing boutiques can offer retail mobile coupons on items that are about to go out of season to clear the shelves
  • Sporting goods stores offer deals on seasonal sporting goods or clearance items using retail mobile coupons
  • Service providers such as landscapers and home improvement specialists post a QR code on their yard placards to send people to their mobile website or to a mobile coupon
  • Restaurants can use a QR code campaign to promote menu items, drink specials and special events


Seattle Mobile Marketing QR Codes


Every type of business can benefit from a QR code mobile marketing campaign and see a huge ROI from mobile marketing. QR codes can be customized for any small business. Watch our free video series to learn how mobile marketing QR codes can be used to generate new and repeat business to increase revenues! Our course shows you the 123s of QR code mobile marketing and tips and strategies from top mobile marketing companies to launch successful mobile marketing QR codes campaigns.

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 “My contracting business is pretty low-tech, but I knew I needed to ramp up my marketing efforts. After I found your free training on mobile coupon marketing, I realized what a valuable tool this could be for me. I launched a mobile coupons promo to offer discounted services to existing customers who referred me to new business. This has brought in 800 referrals in the month since I started the promo. I have also started posting QR codes on the yard signs I put up when I complete a job. These lead people to my mobile website where they can read testimonials and access mobile coupons for new services. These are starting to get some action too. Thanks for the tips!”
Jason – Lake Union
“I have a party store in the suburbs of Seattle and was looking to expand my business. Your free videos gave me some great ideas. I decided to get my feet wet with mobile coupon marketing. I offered a discount on some slow moving items that’s got my inventory rotation in high gear – I also did a small QR code mobile marketing promotion to drive people to my mobile website and sign up for my text message marketing list in exchange for a percent off coupon. I had no idea what a QR code even was before I watched your videos. Mobile coupons for retail discounts seem to work great – I’ve had hundreds redeemed and the great thing is, it lets me know my marketing efforts are paying off.”
Jeanine – Columbia City
“My cleaning business was in a mini-slump – when money gets tights, people clean their own toilets and I lose revenue… I was looking for ways to find new customers and found your vide training on mobile coupon marketing. This intrigued me – I’ve been posting placards at intersections for years and it’s worked great, but lately I see competitor signs all around mine. I need to find a way to stand out. I decided to leave me placards up but to add QR codes to them – when people scan them, they go to my mobile site and can see my services and the areas I cover and access mobile coupons for discounted services. I’m getting great responses on my QR code mobile marketing campaign. I appreciate the inspiration!”
Danielle – West Seattle
Whether you are in services or retail, mobile coupons work equally well – access our free video course for Seattle business owners on mobile coupon marketing, QR codes and text message marketing services. It’s free – why not start today?


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