Learn how a mobile app, mobile website and text message campaign for your bar fills it even on the rainiest night!

Bars and nightclubs are always on the cutting edge of using new technology to keep their patrons happy and mobile marketing will be no different. Get signed up today!






If you own a bar or nightclub in WA, our FREE class will teach you all about mobile marketing for bars in Seattle! Our nightclub mobile marketing video training is Free for WA business owners now.

Our free course in bar mobile marketing will teach you all about mobile websites, mobile apps and text message marketing. Start learning today and see what a great ROI your business can get with our tips on nightclub mobile marketing. Seattle has a competitive nightlife scene and our bar mobile marketing strategies can help increase your profits – start learning now – it’s FREE!


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It’s a known fact that mobile web is outpacing the growth of the internet at large by two to one. It’s a critical time for you to know how to make a mobile website, delve into mobile apps development and mobile website design! Our nightclub mobile marketing training will help you fill your establishment on slow nights – we can teach you how QR codes, mobile apps and mobile websites drive big business for just a little investment. In particular for mobile apps, Seattle is an exponential growth market – billions of apps are downloaded each month and you can be part of this movement!


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Over the next two years, web searching will transition primarily to mobile devices, so you need to know how to make a mobile website for your establishment now! You can try for free all our strategies for nightclub mobile marketing. Seattle has hundreds and hundreds of bars and nightclubs competing with you – you need to be using mobile website marketing, an affordable mobile marketing platform and an SMS gateway to stay relevant. Let our bar mobile marketing program show you how!

What Can You Teach Me About Nightclub Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is rapidly becoming the go-to method for reaching your customers. Our free course is designed specifically to teach you mobile marketing for bars in Seattle and nightclub mobile marketing. Seattle bar owners need to be using mobile websites and mobile apps to compete in the busy Seattle nightclub scene!

Our FREE bar mobile marketing video course will teach you:
  • ABCs of mobile website marketing
  • How to make a mobile website
  • Mobile website development
  • Mobile apps development
  • How to find a mobile apps developer you can trust
  • How to decide on a mobile marketing platform
  • The best SMS gateway for your WA bar or nightclub


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Start today and learn for free all the benefits of nightclub mobile marketing – Seattle club-goers are looking for your bar – do you have mobile websites they can use to find you? Have you developed mobile apps to engage your customers? Are you using text message marketing to fill your establishment on even the slowest of night? If not, our nightclub mobile marketing training can show you how!

For businesses who try their hand at mobile apps, Seattle has been a boon. Mobile apps development is taking off as a way to engage your customer by providing a utility or entertainment in exchange for their patronage – All you need is a good mobile apps developer and a mobile marketing platform and you’re ready to see the ROI!

You need a mobile web presence and step one is how to make a mobile website that will allow your mobile website marketing strategy to flourish – -our free course shows you the elements of mobile website design that will most appeal to the busy Seattle club-goer. Mobile website design is easier than you think and can usually be done by your mobile apps developer firm at the same time.


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Text marketing is another way to succeed in publicizing your bar and your mobile apps. Seattle smart phone users read texts – all texts – and respond to nearly 30% of business offers received. A small initial investment in an SMS gateway and an offer to promote are all you need to get started. You can promote a mobile coupon or free gaming mobile apps. Seattle consumers like both and will respond rapidly to your offer. We’ll show you how to choose an SMS gateway and get started right away!



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Start today.

How Can Mobile Marketing for Bars in Seattle Benefit My Business?

Seattle business owners are using mobile apps and mobile websites as part of their strategy for nightclub mobile marketing. Seattle bar and nightclub owners are using mobile website marketing to stay relevant with their target customers – all you need is a mobile marketing platform, an SMS gateway and our free bar mobile marketing program to get started!

Read some real-life examples of how nightclub mobile marketing is succeeding in Seattle, WA:

  • A retro nightclub launched a QR codes initiative by working with a mobile apps developer to create a game that allowed you to earn points toward free drinks on opening night – before they even put up their sign, they had over 5,000 WA club-goers on their text message marketing list!
  • A neighborhood bar is battling their mid-week slump through mobile website marketing of events like trivia and sports nights and text message marketing of B1G1 drink specials that tripled the business on their formerly dead night!

Our free course for WA bar owners will show you how to make a mobile website, use QR codes to promote your establishment, how to select a mobile marketing platform and much more – all for free! Start now!

“I run a neighborhood bar – we rely on a steady stream of regulars, but need new customers desperately. Last year I tried my hand at mobile website development, but the result was less than impressive – I needed help with my mobile website design. Your free training gave me some really helpful pointers about mobile website development and many other aspect of mobile marketing for bars in Seattle. I ended up hiring someone to take over my mobile website development that’s also doubling as a mobile apps developer to help me come up with some ideas for mobile apps. Seattle is a pretty competitive place for bars, but I’m optimistic about using QR codes and other mobile tools to grow my business –thank you!”
Jackson – Central Seattle
“I’m an investor in a struggling nightclub and was desperate to find some way to keep our business afloat. When I saw your free training on mobile marketing for bars in Seattle, it was a godsend. We’ve been able to increase business by over 40% on weeknights and 65% on weekends using your strategies for text message marketing, QR codes marketing, mobile apps development and mobile website design. I feel like you’ve helped us pull out of our slump and can’t thank you enough!”
Derik – Capitol Hill

With more people than ever preferring to view the web on their smart phones and smart phone ownership climbing into the billions – now more than ever your establishment needs a presence on the mobile web! From mobile website development to mobile apps development and QR codes strategies, our free training course is what you need today!


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