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Your Seattle small business needs to be part of the mobile marketing revolution! Mobile marketing solutions are transforming the advertising landscape and how businesses reach out to consumers all across Washington state. Let our free video course teach you the tips mobile marketing companies charge $1000s for – and why you need a mobile marketing agency! Seattle consumers are eager for mobile marketing services such as texting, mobile apps and mobile websites are the future of advertising – get started now!


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The mobile internet is outpacing growth of the internet at large, by a staggering pace making it the perfect time for your small business to be engaged in mobile marketing. Seattle consumers are more tech savvy than most and is home to a scores of mobile marketing companies. Seattle WA small businesses are increasingly seeing that they need to implement mobile marketing solutions to stay competitive.

Learn what every top mobile marketing agency knows but won’t tell you – watch our free mobile marketing videos and get started right away!

Training Video #1 – Text Message Marketing
Seattle Mobile Marketing Companies text message marketing

Texting is no longer just for kids – the average age of mobile texters is rapidly approaching 40! Any mobile marketing company can tell you how powerful this type of mobile marketing service is perfect for the Seattle small business. Learn the basics of text marketing PLUS facts such as:

  • By 2014 mobile advertising will reach $3 billion in revenues – 20% of it driven by text messaging
  • 97% of text messages are opened within 4 minutes of receipt
  • Emailed ads are often trapped in spam folders or ignored completely – text messages get read!

Text messaging is one of the most powerful mobile marketing services. Seattle consumers will respond rapidly to effective text messaging promotions – if they are incented to respond. Watch our free training and learn the tips and tricks of the top mobile marketing agency in Seattle, Washington. Start today – FREE for Seattle small business owners!

Training Video #2 – Mobile Websites
Seattle Mobile Marketing Mobile Website Training

Every mobile marketing agency will tell you the first mobile marketing service you need is a mobile website. News reports have shown that mobile surfing of the web is rising and showing no sign of abating. Your small business needs a mobile website and you can easily develop one with the help of a mobile marketing agency. Seattle business owners need our free training, to learn these important facts and more:

  • Very few – less than half – of small businesses in Seattle have a mobile website
  • 50% of businesses in Washington have never viewed their website on a mobile device to see how it translates to the smaller screen
  • Over the next 12 months, experts anticipate an unprecedented rise in the number of people accessing the web on their mobile device

Our free training will show you how to use mobile marketing solutions like mobile websites to tap into the fertile marketplace accessible through mobile marketing. Seattle small businesses have begun to realize that mobile marketing services are necessary in our increasingly mobile society. We will show you the secrets Seattle’s top mobile marketing company and mobile marketing agency don’t want you to know! Start today!

Training Video #3 – Mobile Apps for Businesses
Seattle Mobile Marketing Mobile App Training

Mobile apps are one of the fastest growing segments of mobile marketing. Seattle consumers like to download free apps with appealing functionality. Increasingly, mobile apps are becoming more and more popular with consumers. If you need a mobile app, you need a mobile marketing agency. Seattle business owners need our free training that shows why mobile marketing companies are encouraging clients to launch a mobile app of their own:

  • Apple announced that it recently hit the 25 billion apps downloaded threshold
  • Android announced it is seeing downloads of 1 billion apps per month
  • Some of the most popular apps feature geo-locating functionality

When it comes to mobile marketing solutions offered by mobile marketing companies, Seattle is a hub of opportunity for mobile app growth. Our free training will show you how to develop a relevant app with a trusted mobile marketing agency. Seattle small business owners like you are ready to tap into this growing mobile marketing service. Let our free video get you started today!


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Can I Afford to Implement Mobile Marketing Services?

The question really is how can you afford not to market your small business using a mobile marketing service? Does your small business have a plan to reach out to your target consumer where they are – on the move – with mobile device in hand? A mobile website is the primary mobile marketing service your small business needs to launch.

Around the world there are 4 billion mobile subscribers eager to access business information via mobile marketing services. Seattle is more so the rule than the exception when it comes to tech-savvy mobile internet surfing consumers.

Most small business owners have neither the time nor the expertise to develop a strategy for mobile marketing. Seattle business owners need the expertise of mobile marketing companies to help them launch mobile marketing services. Seattle mobile marketing companies can help you develop a strategy for mobile marketing which produces what no other advertising method can – immediate response and interaction.


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For a small business looking to leverage mobile marketing services, Seattle is a responsive arena. By 2014, mobile internet access is anticipated to outpace laptop and desktop internet interaction according to a survey by top mobile marketing companies. Seattle has a mobile marketing company that can help your small business launch a strategy for mobile marketing. Seattle, WA mobile marketing company experts know that increasingly consumers prefer to interact with technology over humans, making the time ripe for you to partner with a mobile marketing agency. Seattle, WA consumers are ready to access your small business on the mobile web – our free video training can get you started today!



“My little vintage clothing store relies heavily on word of mouth – my advertising budget is practically nil. I got a promotional flyer from a Seattle mobile marketing agency, but didn’t feel like it was a good fit for me. Once I watched your videos I quickly saw how wrong I was – I decided to start talking to mobile marketing companies. Seattle is a great place to own a small business once you can build a customer base and after watching your program, I felt like I was ready to start using mobile marketing services like a mobile website and mobile coupons. I look forward to a brighter tomorrow and more business. Thank you!”
Gayle - Bellevue
“I run a computer repair and home networking company out of my home in Washington. Repeat business and referrals are my bread and butter and I was doing okay, but I’m always looking for a way to get ahead. I got a quote a while back from a mobile marketing agency, but the idea of mobile marketing seemed too big for my small business. Then a buddy sent me a link to your free training and I had a change of heart. I’ve now set up a mobile website that’s gotten good feedback and I’ve been building a database of my regular customers  and I’m getting ready to launch a text messaging campaign. Of all the mobile marketing solutions, this is the one I’m most pumped about. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks guys!”
Dermot - Redmond
“I’m a wedding photographer in Washington and my business has been down – with the economy in the toilet, people are throwing smaller weddings and doing their own photos. I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of a successful small business so I started exploring every avenue to build my business. When I found your free videos about mobile marketing services, I was intrigued. I’m ready to hire a mobile marketing company to set up a mobile website. My next plan is to design a dream wedding app. I’m looking forward to seeing my business grow by using mobile marketing services. Seattle WA brides will love me once they can find me. Thanks for the informative videos!”
Delilah – Renton

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